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We value our patients' experience at Tanaka and Associates Chiropractic and Massage. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Readerto view.

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Below you will find a small sampling of patient testimonials we've received from a variety of our patients over the years. The testimonials have been arranged with a short heading, and highlighted text to emphasize the kind of problems these patients were experiencing.


Lower Back Pain, Sciatica

"I have been diagnosed with having chronic sciatica. Try to imagine constant 24/7 unbearable pain that includes the sensations of burning, tingling, and numbness radiating from your lower back down your leg to your toes. Three months ago, I could not walk, sit, lie down or sleep without some level of pain normally at the 8-9/10 pain level. After seeing 3 different medical doctors, 2 orthopedic specialists, 2 acupuncturists, a physical therapist, a massage therapist, sound wave treatments and TENS treatments in addition to trying all the different prescribed medications which resulted in zero relief or side effects that made me feel sick or worse, I decided to take the suggestion offered by my primary care physician that I consider getting chiropractic treatments. I began seeing Dr. Tanaka in late December 2017 with constant pain at 8-9/10. After a very professional consultation and examination, Dr. Colleen Tanaka placed me on a combined Chiropractic and Cold Laser therapy schedule. Within the first month of treatments, there was a noticeable decrease in pain which allowed me to sit, stand, walk and sleep for longer periods. I am now in my third month of treatments. My pain level is down to a 2-3/10 and I am almost back to normal in regards to my daily activities. Everyone at Tanaka And Associates has been very professional and caring. I wish I had started chiropractic care from the very beginning."

Dawn P., Aiea

Whiplash Injury, Lightheadedness

"I was involved in a motor vehicle rollover and wanted a second opinion on current injuries and possible latent injuries. Immediately after the accident, I experienced drowsiness, light sensitivity, facial/jaw tension, and feeling of disconnectedness as if in a mental fog. I had difficulty driving, due to these problems, and eventually experienced memory lapses and problems with focusing visually/mentally. I also did not realize my muscles were so tense, especially in the neck and upper body. My daily routine was significantly affected due to feeling impaired in my mental/visual abilities.

I had initially gone to the Emergency Room for a second opinion after my initial E.R. visit and went to an internist for an evaluation. All reported that there was "nothing significant/remarkable," but that response wasn't satisfactory. I still felt that further evaluation was needed.I found Dr. Limbaga in the yellow pages.

Dr. Limbaga assessed that I had whiplash and post-concussive syndrome, which explained many of my symptoms. She did a great job with coordinating with M.D.s as well, from my seeing another internist more open to alternative treatments to referring me to a neurologist, and having further testing - CT/MRI scans-done. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, and medical care, she also incorporated massage therapy and physical therapy, which have been very helpful as well. I have truly benefited from this treatment.

Currently I work in the medical field and I enjoy hiking, watching movies and reading.

With treatment I have more mobility & decreased tightness in my neck, shoulder, and upper and lower back - I'm feeling better overall. And just learning about what post-concussion syndrome is and its effects has been a great relief - confirms that my symptoms are not psychosomatic, or "all in my head". I am very pleased with what Tanaka And Associates has done for me!

Consistency in treatment is a necessity. If possible, make your treatment a top priority because your health will benefit in the long run. The staff are excellent, professional, and very accommodating with scheduling. Be patient and give yourself time to heal".- Suzanne L., Honolulu

Lower Back Pain /  Disc Injury     

Pregnancy, Lower Back Pain, Headaches, and Sciatica "During my 2 pregnancies, I experienced extreme, radiating pain from my buttock area down my left leg. I received treatment throughout my pregnancies for this condition (This was the only thing that worked). I contribute the chiropractic treatment to my easy labor and deliveries. Since I work on a computer terminal for most of the day, I experience tightness in my neck and shoulders. I periodically get headaches. I also receive chiropractic treatment for these conditions. After an adjustment/icing the pain subsides. On occasion, I receive massage, this rejuvenates me and get the blood flowing.Chiropractic is the natural alternative to medicine. If you are like me and do not like taking medication, please try chiropractic. It will improve your life and self awareness. Chiropractic is more than just an adjustment it is health education and body awareness. Stay in tune with your body, NATURALLY!"    -Michele S., Nanakuli


Scoliosis, Neck Pain, Lower Back Pain "I have severe scoliosis, and suffered from severe neck and shoulder pains, and lower back pain. The results of chiropractic care were unbelievable. I started to feel better after only a few treatments. After about 5 or 6 months of treatments I felt totally fit. Chiropractic care has made me feel much better overall, and it has also increased my energy level - I don't feel so tired".   -Nancy U., Honolulu

Whiplash, Neck Pain, Back Pain
"Chiropractic relieved my severe neck and back pain. After 2-1/2 months my severe neck pain was reduced a minimum of 50% (at times 80%). My neck flexibility improved 80%. My moderately severe back pain was reduced 90%."-Allen C., Waipahu

Lower Back Pain, Leg Pain, Numbness, Weakness, Headaches
"I had pain in my lower back and legs, numbness and muscle twitching in my legs and feet, weakness and headaches. I made several visits to my regular physician who felt I might have MS or fibromyalgia. He sent me to a neurologist. I heard about Dr. Tanaka from a Massage therapist  in Kailua.   Dr. Tanaka made adjustments to my spine so that the nerves are less irritated, and blood flow is improved. I am so relieved to know that I don't have MS!  I no longer have muscle twitches, numbness in my feet and legs, and less lower back pain."      -Carol L., Waialua

Chronic Lower Back Pain, Foot, and Knee Pain
"I had severe pain in my right foot, lower back and knees. I had knee surgery and pain medications.After educating me on what was causing my condition and why I wasn't getting any better, Dr. Tanaka proceeded to treat me with hip, back and foot adjustments. My mobility has greatly improved, and I have a lot less pain. I would encourage anyone to give chiropractic a chance for a more natural, drug free form of treatment". -Edward S., Salt lake

Neck Pain, Headaches
I had "pain around my neck, and was unable to bend down or walk down stairs without feeling shaky. I also had headaches almost everday.  Dr. Tanaka started sessions of exercise and adjustments to realign my spine and correct my neck. With treatment "I have very little headaches, no lower back pain, unless I pick up things wrong. You'd be surprised on what chiropractic can do".-Victoria C., Pearl City

Whiplash, Neck Pain, Foot Pain
"I suffered from neck pain, and foot problems for the last two years after a car accident. I found Dr. Tanaka in the telephone book. She took x-rays, showed me my x-rays, and adjusted me regularly. After chiropractic my neck and foot are better.Now I am able to walk home (>1 mile) after her adjustments, where before I was unable to walk long distances".    -Damiana G., Aiea


Severe Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Pinched Nerve, Disc Injury

"I was in severe pain. I have four herniated neck discs. My left shoulder hurt. I couldn't raise my left arm well, or lift my head off the pillow. It was difficult to sleep more than a few hours or get comfortable in any position. I had numbness in both legs, and left arm and hand. I went to two family practice MDs, and I was prescribed muscle relaxers and told to put heat on the affected areas. I slept a lot from all the medication, and I wasn't getting better. I also saw a neurologist who recommended spinal surgery. A co-worker refered me to Dr. Tanaka.  Dr. Tanaka saw me 3-4 days/week initially. She adjusted me, and also prescribed traction, ice packs, physical therapy several days / week. She also gave many tips which aided me in daily living to decrease my numbness, tingling and painful symptoms. She was very supportive. I improved and was able to avoid spinal surgery as recommended by the neurologist". Through chiropractic the "pain is gone and the numbness, tingling, and strength in my upper body has improved a lot. I have gone back to work full time (as a nurse) and I am able to travel and do most activities I used to do".    -Pat C., Ewa Beach

Pregnancy, Headaches, Lower Back Pain
"I had serious headaches at least 4-5 times a week, and bad backaches during pregnancy. Thanks to Dr. Rider, I don't have headaches everyday, and rarely ever any body pain. I also got relief of backaches during pregnancy which possibly could be the reason for the easy delivery".     -Tracy B., Honolulu

Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain, Upper Back Pain, Shoulder Pain
"Doctor Tanaka worked to balance and to correct a misalignment in my buttocks that had been directly responsible for the pain there. She was also able to reduce pain the the shoulders and neck, and she helped me reduce this problem by how I had been working at my personal computer. She offered some self-help tips for me to use for simple soreness in my neck as well. I feel so much improved, that I intend to continue seeing her on a maintenance schedule".          -Diane R., Honolulu 

Lower Back Pain, Sciatica, Headaches, Pinched Nerves
"I suffered from my lower back, and pains down my legs. I also had headaches and numbness on the back of my head. I went to my regular doctors who gave me pain pills for my pinched nerves. The chiropractor took x-rays and discovered my spine was misaligned and she adjusted by spine. Overall, my pains are gone. I sleep better, and I'm not as tired and I feel so much better. My medical doctor approves of chiropractic."    -Gwen B., Aiea

Rib Pain, Neck Pain
"I suffered from chronic pain between my shoulder blades and my neck. It would hurt to sit down and I couldn't turn my head to the left and would turn my whole body. Chiropractic treatments have helped to restore my range of motion in my neck now, and the pain between my shoulder blades is better".          -Debbie N., Kailua

 Lower Back Pain, Pinched Nerve, Numbness In Leg

 I injured my lower back on the job. I suffered from severe lower back pain,and numbness down my right leg due to a herniation of the L4-5 disc.Dr. Tanaka explained to me what was happening to my body, and made a care plan of what I needed to do to get better. With chiropractic care I have improved dramatically. I am almost fully recovered (90%). I don't believe I would have come this far without the care I got here."-Arne K., Millilani


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "After about 5 or 6 months of treatments I felt totally fit. Chiropractic care has made me feel much better overall, and it has also increased my energy level - I don't feel so tired"
    Nancy U. - Honolulu